Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hi all !

You know - if you are hell bent on buying a timeshare - do your research first. Don´t get sucked into a presentation while you are on holiday.

You can find some resales of $20,000 timeshares knocked down to around $99 on ebay.
Don´t believe me? Do some research.

Now, that just goes to show that for some the whole timeshare industry is changing.
In some ways it has lost momentum. For many other the goal is to capture clients and offer them a booking service. Royal Holiday Club is one of thos that has taken this route for example.

If you wish they will, through usually poor service, book you into one of their hotels.
And charge you for the privelage of doing so ! through their exhorbitant "developers" fees.

Also, they have branched out into the AI options which for many (with large families particularly) is just another form of highway robbery... I´ll deal with this in detail in another post.

AI = all inclusive.

In any case - avoid developers fees at all costs - there are better ways to spend your money !

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here is another great link if you have been duped by sales people working under the flag of convenience of "Royal Holiday Club" in the "pueblos" of Mexico: Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta etc etc.

Seems that many people who have purchased with this company, as soon as they get the chance, check the internet and learn that many of their rights are not being respected such as:
1. The Mexican 5 - day rule: whereby you can buy your timeshare but if you wish to change your mind you have 5 days to do so, but it is really necesarry to keep everything in writing, or else you can still have a difficult time getting out of contract.

Also, the company sells packages to unwitting tourists at around $20,000 and some of the same packages can be had for as little as $50 (yes fifty dollars USD) on ebay !!!!!

Can you belive the audacity of this.... anyway, it only goes to show the poor quality that must be being offered by this company if its "wares" devalue by almost 100% as soon as they are "driven out of the showroom" !!!!

So . . . . buyer beware!
Forewarned is forearmed !

(Tell a friend about this if they are off to Mexico or some parts of the Caribbean!)
Wow ! Look what I just found on a quick search of BlogSpot!

Looks like Marks got here first!

Way to go Mark.
Here is a helpful link to other timeshare posts on blogspot!

Yes, more than 100,000 and although I haven´t looked at them all, I doubt if you will find many positive comments! But if you do, hey - let me know !

Welcome To The TimeShare Club !

Hi everybody and welcome to my first post in the TimeShare Club blog!

Now some of you may be expecting that this is about a real club with members, well, in many ways it is ! But not as you might think !

At the TimeShare Club you can air your timeshare greivances - you see we believe that many timeshare salespeople do the industry a dishonour with their sales tactics, some of them very high pressure - and that they literally "club" their clients into signing. And unfortunately, when they do, some of the big timeshare companies they work with do very little or nothing to help the newly "clubbed" members to leave the club.

So if you have been "clubbed" into buying timeshare and would like the world to know about your difficult experience - you can tell your story here. Just write to me, Harpy, a defenceless Harp Seal, who tried to avoid being "clubbed" by the timeshare giants but couldn´t, and I will have your story published for all the world to see !

Together we can form a club that is much bigger than the timeshare industry - the consumers club - and start to whack back through the word-of-mouth grassroots that are to be found in the Internet.