Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hi all !

You know - if you are hell bent on buying a timeshare - do your research first. Don´t get sucked into a presentation while you are on holiday.

You can find some resales of $20,000 timeshares knocked down to around $99 on ebay.
Don´t believe me? Do some research.

Now, that just goes to show that for some the whole timeshare industry is changing.
In some ways it has lost momentum. For many other the goal is to capture clients and offer them a booking service. Royal Holiday Club is one of thos that has taken this route for example.

If you wish they will, through usually poor service, book you into one of their hotels.
And charge you for the privelage of doing so ! through their exhorbitant "developers" fees.

Also, they have branched out into the AI options which for many (with large families particularly) is just another form of highway robbery... I´ll deal with this in detail in another post.

AI = all inclusive.

In any case - avoid developers fees at all costs - there are better ways to spend your money !


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