Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just found this new site on Blogspot (Blogger.com) dealing with the same topic.
Check it out, has some interesting links and information.


As for me, I just got back from Manizales, Caldas, Colombia after an Easter break.
Went up the Nevado del Ruiz with the family. All, 4800m of it to the hostel base.
Ok, the car takes everyone up that far, and thereĀ“s about another 1000m climb to get to the summit - I estimate. It is high enough to take your breath away.... and best of all, no TS salespeople to deal with! Maybe it is only my experience but most of the tricksters in the TS business seem to work out of sandy beach hotels . . . . or am I wrong? Have you been "clubbed" into buying TS away from the SSS venues. Let me know where, perhaps a list could be created if that is the case.